Opportunities and benefits

Cignium is committed to offering benefits that offer substantial value to our employees.  We are proud to offer a range of benefits, financial rewards, growth opportunities and highly competitive compensation.  We strive to foster an environment whereby our people are able to meet both professional and personal goals and benefits that allow choice and flexibility.  Please note that some of these benefits vary by geographic location.

Medical, dental & vision

Medical coverage:

Medical insurance represent one of the largest aspects of the Cignium benefit plan. Employees are able to choose among three options according to their preference and needs. The plans cover a wide range of medical services and Cignium supplement’s the monthly cost to employee.

Prescription plan:

Prescription benefits are part of the medical plan options available to Cignium employees. These benefits include different pricing structures that enable you to control cost based on the medications you select.

Dental coverage:

Good dental health is important to overall well-being. Cignium offers a comprehensive dental benefit to meet the dental needs of our employees.

Vision coverage:

The Cignium vision plan provides eye care coverage for all eligible Cignium employees. Our vision coverage partner is the one of the nation’s largest providers of eye care coverage providing both eye exams and eyewear.


Life insurance

Cignium appreciates that sometimes unforeseen events affect us all.  The company is committed to providing protection during such times.

Basic Life and Accidental Death:   Cignium pays for an insurance plan that equals two times your annual earning to a maximum of $200,000, which all employees become eligible upon date of hire.   

Supplemental Life:  Cignium employees can also purchase additional coverage by enrolling in the supplemental insurance program. 


Financial rewards - "For a job well done"

Bonuses: Cignium seeks to provide financial rewards to employees, recognizing top-performers and key contributors to the company.

401k: Employees are eligible to contribute to the 401k accounts through payroll deductions.

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