Lead management

Leads are the fuel for your sales engine. Using the right fuel makes all the difference in your overall effectiveness and profitability. Cignium’s Lead Management System (LMS) makes it easy to sort the good leads from the bad ones, and to prioritize and distribute them to the right sales channels at the right times. 

Filter leads and focus resources

"Every sale starts with a lead, but unfiltered leads choke the sales pipe-line. Cignium's LMS lets you assess, qualify and assign your leads, so you can focus your resources on the opportunities that count."


Getting the right leads into the channel immediately increases close rates. By getting leads into the sales channel in seconds, not minutes, hours, or days.

For leads that don't fit your target, there is usually an available after market. Cignium LMS connects to lead exchanges allowing you to resell leads you don't want and recover otherwise lost expenses.

Centralized lead management eliminates duplicates and wasted effort chasing false leads. This means cost savings.

Enhancing leads with other information in real time can help prioritize the best leads and increase total sales volume. By having a better understanding of a potential customer, Cignium LMS users can make a better offer the first time.

Cignium LMS provides you with the ability to create and operate fluid, fast-changing micro sites and landing pages to generate new leads. With built-in content testing and the ability to score and enhance in real-time, you can impact lead quality at the source. As a result, you will sell more and increase your conversion rates .

Overall, efficiency rises. With dashboards, custom reports, transparent technology and no time spent integrating across departments, you will manage with fewer people. And, you can directly control campaigns.



Making it really simple to connect with all of your sales systems, Cignium LMS immediately moves leads to any channel in any method and format, with a special focus on real-time, cross-channel lead distribution.

Cignium LMS can aggregate and remove duplicates across and within all lead sources; individuals, households, and/or businesses. It is also easy to match against customer datasets, identifying existing customers for special treatment.

Standard and customizable data validation and filtering algorithms eliminate bad leads and provide a proprietary lead quality score, which is used to further prioritize or filter leads, control lead routing or special handling, etc.

Data enhancement connections to standard but difficult-to-access sources – 1ncluding credit bureaus, socio-economic and demographic data sources, and client-specific data bases -- allow additional information to be added to the lead. That is also used for scoring, routing, and filtering leads -- making Cignium LMS truly tailored to your business.

Cignium LMS accepts leads from any source in any format and can generate leads through easy-to-build landing pages and micro sites. The system can also return and reject leads. It supports several common "ping-post" networks and formats to allow fast and easy addition of new sources and destinations for leads.

Importantly, all this is structured to ensure complete compatibility with your accounting requirements.

Built for flexibility, Cignium LMS scales to any sized business; and it is fully customizable . At Cignium, we know what matters and how to make a difference .

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