Sales order management (SOM)

Order entry and execution -- it sounds simple. And we make sure it stays that way on the surface, even though we all know it has many moving parts. For sales channels, Cignium provides a simple web interface and a set of intuitive APIs to create and manage your orders.


With an integrated view of all sales across all channels, our customers learn faster and have a better understanding of who is selling what, what is selling best, and how it all fits together – in real time.

Many channels: one data set

"Customers place orders through the channels they prefer. Online; call centre; VAR: it's their choice. Cignium's SOM aggregates orders from all channels into a single governable workflow."


Increase sales with a flexible, multi-channel, sales and service capability.

Our customers are able to add new sales partners immediately – simply authorize your new partner to access our web sales interface, and they can be selling your products right away. We keep the sales process simple, so you don’t have to spend days or weeks training them on systems – they can just focus on selling your products.

Making the sale is just the beginning. Many things could go wrong between order entry and completion. Cignium ensures customers get it right the first time, so 99.9 per cent of sales are fulfilled correctly. Should connections or systems fail, our Sales Order Management systems ensure that nothing gets dropped or lost. Any errors are captured and automatically corrected; or managed through to permanent resolution.

Improve customer experience and standardize treatment.

We are experts in channel convergence and have mastered the art of web/phone/ retail or other integration. Cignium SOM provides an integrated perspective on the customer and her order – so the experience with your company is seamless, regardless of how, when, or where customers interact with you.

Each channel operates very differently.

The call center workflow is not the same as the web user transacting through e-commerce. Indirect partners do things their way. Cignium SOM keeps it all together so you can have a single set of business policies and rules which are enforced at the time of sale, regardless of the channel.

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