Product lifecycle management (Cignium PLM™)

Cignium PLM™ makes introducing products unbelievably easy and fast. Most companies have product information spread throughout the enterprise, with each system and process having a unique definition of the product. This makes it difficult to accurately and consistently describe and sell your products and services in multiple channels.


It also takes a lot of time and effort to set up products in those systems. This in turn often makes IT look like a huge bottleneck as well as a barrier to “simple” product changes and overall product-driven business innovation. Cignium PLM™ solves this problem, empowering end users and decision makers.

Accelerate product innovation

"You can't develop or sell a product without a shared and detailed definition. Cignium's PLM™ puts all product information into a single record, making them quick and easy to adapt and market."


Innovate more and get products to market faster.  

Innovation is stifled when it is too hard to do something new or make a change. Companies powered by Cignium PLM™ aren’t just faster and more efficient; our customers are more innovative because it is easy to make changes. Moreover, we’ve worked hard to put a safety net around changes, so you can move fast, safely. It is amazing how creative and experimental people are once they can simply and easily change or introduce products without fear of breaking the existing, profitable business.

At large companies, it can take six to 18 months to introduce a new product. With Cignium PLM™, time to market is shortened to weeks, days, or even minutes – it’s really up to you.

Save time and money while improving the customer experience.

For each system involved in an enterprise that touches product data, there usually are several people involved in a product change for that system. As the number of systems increase, the number of connections, and the number of people involved in a change, grows exponentially. Cignium PLM™ eliminates redundant setup and coding in each system by providing a single system of record for products. This can free up thousands of hours for more productive and innovative endeavors.

Providing multiple views of each product, Cignium enables a true single system of record for product data, while preserving the uniqueness required by individual systems. With real-time syndication and product information API’s, a full range of integration options is available to feed all enterprise systems the exact information they need.

At the same time, because product information is created and consolidated in a single system, you can be sure all systems are seeing and using the same information. This means a better customer experience because they get the same information from both the sales rep and the web site.

Enhance enterprise value by increasing institutional knowledge.

Cignium PLM™ allows everyone in the organization to contribute information to the product definition process in a controlled manner. This leverages embedded expertise while capturing and storing product knowledge. It is more efficient, and it makes previously hidden product information – the really important information that is usually stuck in a spreadsheet or someone’s head – accessible to the entire company.

Your voice and tone, your unique products, your individualism are all part of what make you special. Cignium PLM™ is built to preserve this. It adapts to look, act, and talk like you. Designed for transparency and customer-specific language from the ground up, Cignium PLM™ feels custom-built, making it easier to standardize and share company knowledge.

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