Our vision

Our customers become more powerful.

Making our customers more powerful is at the heart of our vision.  We deliver software and solutions that simplify and streamline the processes required to sell, introduce, and change products and services.  This results in more agile, innovative businesses in which our customers can respond quickly to changing markets. And, Cignium solutions free up people to make an even bigger difference. 


Our customers are able to focus on “the business.”

By reducing the gap between idea and implementation, we enable innovation and allow you to focus on what the business should be doing, instead of drowning in the complexity of how to deliver.  We make it easier to do things right, so you can do the right things.

Our story

Born from over a decade of experience as the technology arm of TRANZACT -- one of the leading customer acquisition companies in the United States -- Cignium spun out as a stand-alone subsidiary in 2012. Having learned to simplify how technology supports businesses, we are now leveraging that experience to put the business back into the hands of "the business".

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