Our people

Powerful simplicity comes from experience and hard work.

Empowering our customers requires a team of smart people that understands business.  That is why we hire for deep technical and business expertise.  Our people have seen the movie and felt the pain.  We don’t oversimplify or ignore the difficult details; we work hard to take care of them so you are free to run your business. 


Innovation is enabled by experimentation. 

We are people, not robots.  We are problem solvers, scientists, and creative artists.  We try things.  We make predictions and test our ideas.  We make incremental bets, then follow through when experiments work.  Innovating is in our blood and you benefit from the results.


We embrace diversity.

Our people bring a broad range of personal and professional experiences.  Representing many regions of the world, Cignium’s people bring different perspectives to the table.  We encourage collaboration, allowing our diversity to make a difference for our customers.


Our management

Our management philosophy is simple – create clear direction and provide a collaborative environment, allowing people to focus on attaining excellence.  Our team is committed to the success of our customers, our colleagues and our business.  Leveraging our varied areas of expertise and business experience, we work together to realize the potential of our people and our vision.  Commitment is the hallmark of our team.