Our story

Born from over a decade of experience as the technology arm of TRANZACT -- one of the leading customer acquisition companies in the United States -- Cignium spun out as a stand-alone subsidiary in 2012. Having learned to simplify Our storyhow technology supports businesses, we are now leveraging that experience to put the business back into the hands of "the business".


Cignium’s unique experience attracted support from some of the leading institutional investors in the US, enabling us to deliver new solutions to complex problems. We have seen issues repeat across dozens of consumer service providers. Thus, we understand the real-world problems they faced and now we are able to bring that knowledge to you.


We are headquartered in the New York metropolitan area and have a significant presence in Lima, Peru. Driven by numerous factors, we identified Lima, Peru as an excellent complement to our existing locations and one of the best places for expansion. We chose Peru for its stable economy, advanced educational environment and the fact that it sits in our time zone, unimpeded by the global separation marking many providers. Delivery of our products and services is, therefore, seamless.